Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Sto. Nino Cold Spring @ Camiguin

Sto. Nino Cold Spring is a terrific huge pool, about 40 meters long, filled by the spring. It is near Catarman and a perfect wind-up after a tiring trek in the mountains. For a minimal entrance fee of just ten pesos, you can enjoy the very cold pool and swim along with the small fishes there. As for me, I found the water too cold so i just dip my feet in there and roam around the place to shoot.

Meet Donald and Daisy

View from the Hut

The Pool

A Modest Centerpiece

Gush of Cold Water

The Pool on Eye Level

Cold Spring

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  1. Shalom Lawstude. Good shots of a lovely place. Very inviting.

    Enjoyed your "soda pool" in an earlier post, too.

  2. Nice place. Looked like a very peaceful place to destress and enjoy the fresh air.

  3. ganda ng view sa taas. ako din hindi ako maliligo dyan. tanong pala, bakit malamis ang tubig dyan?

  4. we didn't go here anymore. :( sayang. ayan, we have a reason to go back! hehe

  5. It's beautiful there. I think the water would be too cold for me, too. I used to go to a similar place an could barely take walking in it.

  6. What a crystal clear water there is. Swimming and diving would be just brilliant there I presume.

  7. Absolutely gorgeous! Great post and your photos are perfect, as always. Thanks for sharing!

  8. Seems like a great place to unwind and relax! Panalo yung entrance fee. :)

  9. that is such a beautiful place for a get-away.

    feeling vacation talaga pag andyan ka.

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  11. This looks like a wonderful place to kick back and relax for a few days.

  12. Ayan. This is what i like more. Very laidback at hindi masyado dangerous.

  13. I like the place, aside from the fact that it is Camiguin, hehe... Lovely shots, i want to have a dip in that pool... my fingers will do the dip though, sabi mo malamig eh, ahaha...

  14. san kaya nanggaling yung tubig at malamig?

    pwede ba maligo dyan?

  15. looks like a cool place to relax. hayyy, cancelled my cdo trip last friday...deadlines at work.:( i visited a cold spring in camiguin but it was not sto. nino. di ko matandaan ang name ng lugar (na-senior moment na naman ako!).

  16. ganda!!! love donald and daisy! =)

    parang ang sarap maligo dyan... parang lamig lamig... sakto dahil mainit na ngayon :D.

  17. I like the photo of the view from the hut; really beautiful and serene!


  18. I really love the photo of donald and daisy!

  19. Only 10 pesos... looks like a beautiful and well maintained place!
    Great reflection on the last one !

  20. What a beautiful and peaceful looking place. Too bad is wasn't hot springs.

  21. ganda ng place, great shots by the way!

  22. Hello everyone. I never thought that I can have a breather from heavy work these past few weeks so i'd like to take this time to bring by my comment-back features in my previous posts:

    @ dina - shalom. glad you enjoyed my posts.

    @ bertN - if not for the hectic sched in our itinerary and a very cool weather, i won;t mind staying there overnight.

    @ alicesg - i agree. the cold water is just too cold for me thou.

    @ the dong - malamig daw ang tubig dito kasi galing ito sa bundok at fresh water talaga.

  23. @ reena - ako rin marami di napuntahan lalo na yung mga falls kaya babalik talaga ako dito.

    @ eye in the sky - cute nga nila, buti andoon sila that time.

    @ louise - i walk in the shallow part of the spring and it is soooooo cold that i decided not to swim.

    @ chrome3d - if the weather is hot, it would be perfect to swim in there but the day i went there, the weather is cool.

    @ sylvia k - you are very much welcome and thanks for the visit.

  24. @ andy briones - totoo yun bro. kahit sa soda pool ang mura ng entrance. wala naman kasi masyado investment sa tubig kasi free flowing from the mountains yun.

    @ photo cache - i agree. perfect after an arduous mountain trek.

    @ pradeep - thanks, will visit your blog too.

    @ brit' gal sarah - it is an ideal place for summer and a good alternative to those who do not want the salty beach.

    @ vanessa - did i teel you na may mga isda at eel rin doon na lumalangos?

  25. @ sheng - malamig talaga. naglakad pa lang ako sa shallow portion nangatog na ko eh. pero masarap tyak doon pag mainit ang panahon.

    @ everlito - sa bundok daw parekot at pwedeng pwede maligo dito.

    @ luna miranda - wala pa nga rin ako medyo napupuntahang malayo this year eh. although i have lots of plans in the summer. (work permitted)

    @ lalaine - kakatuwa nga yan. by the way, imbento ko lang mga pangalan nyan lol.

    @ kyels - yup i agree. parang ang sarap pag masdan kahit isa oras ko sa spot na yun.

  26. @ redlan - cute nila no?

    @ sidney - thanks. the entrance fee is really almost a give-away.

    @ allen yuarata - indeed.

    @ gaelyn - there is a hot spring in there too kasi volcanic island ang camiguin pero di ko napuntahan yun eh.

    @ ailee920 - the place is indeed maganda. thanks for liking the shots.

  27. I come here for a journey. You never disappoint.

  28. been here too Oman... this is really really cold. hehehe. nagkita kami vanny nung nasa davao cya, ikaw din magparamdam ka kung punta ka dito, i'll be happy to tour around the city.

  29. WHAT??? May eel talaga? Kakainis naman. Sa swimming pool na lang talaga ako. Hmmp. :-P

  30. You get to visit such beautiful places & look how clear that water is! Oh I sooo wanna go!

  31. Really clear water. Just lovely to visit.

  32. It's really beautiful there. Thanks for sharing your part, Lawstude.

  33. @ sandi mcbride - thank you very much.

    @ olan - yehey. aasahan ko yan bro. cge, talagang paparamdam ako pag anjan ako.

    @ vanessa - hahaha. biro lang yun, pero fresh water yun kaya may living things pa rin doon.

    @ tricia - just lucky to spend some time there against my heavy work.

    @ kuhki - indeed. thanks for dropping by.

    @ john - you are welcome. just really happy to show to you my part of the world.

  34. i love fresh water...

    looking at the pictures above..

    i just wanna dive in... :)

  35. This is in Mindanao? This place looks better than my home town in Laguna. Especially the spring. I am fond on going to springs. But the only one I tried of is Hidden Valley Laguna since it is near where I am from. How much did it cost you to go to this place?