Sunday, February 22, 2009

Swimming in 7-Up @ Camiguin

"Want to know how it felt like swimming in 7-up or Sprite?" This is what our guide asked us as we head to the first and only soda pool in the Philippines, the Bura Soda Water Swimming Pool, in Catarman. Well, Milk Bath is already an old concept and tea and coffee spas are a plenty in the City so this one is kinda interesting.

As we enter the place, we have noticed lots of Coca Cola banners, so one might ask, do they pour softdinks in this pool? lol. The place seem so ordinary with two large swimming pools made of rocks and cement but once you take a dip, your body will fizzle with bubbles reminiscent of the bubbles that appear once you pour your coke in a glass. Moreover, there seem to be a sweet scent on the pool that one can't help to taste it. And yes, it tastes like a bland seven-up.

The water is more on the cold side so we just stayed there for about half an hour. By the way, there is a minimal entrance fee of just twenty pesos. Here are some pics I have taken of the area.

The Soda Swimming Pool

A Couple of Kids Enjoying the Pool

Flowers like Orchids Surround the Place

Gumamela in Full Bloom

Dendro on a Pool Backdrop

Splash at the Pool's Back Portion

Waiting to Bloom


  1. How many cans of 7-up would it take to fill that?! Cool shots!

  2. Sound interesting,is it natural or they really fill in the carbonate in the pool? Thanks for sharing.

  3. WoW Never heard of swimming in 7up before! That could be cool! Your flower shots are so pretty!

  4. ang linaw para ngang nasa loob ka ng softdrinks...kamasa si pidodido!

  5. Sprite ba talaga? hehehe. Baka may umihi dyan. hehehe. ganda ng mga flowers.

  6. Strange...any explanation for this?
    Some superb flower shots.

  7. Feel like jumping into that pool now

  8. ki-narbonate lang siguro ang tubig ano?

    Ganda orchids attorney. Hilig ko dati mag-alaga ng orchids. Miss ko na.

  9. ack! parang ang sarap ng feeling na nagsisizzle ang tubig pag lumusong ka, wow! ang init pa man din ngayon hehehe :D

  10. gusto kong mag swimming tuloy! ang init eh! hehehe

  11. intresting!!! soda pool?! does it have medicinal properties? will it help make one's skin soft and cleaner? From chemistry 101 soda has dissolved carbon dioxide in it that accounts for the bubbling when opened... i wonder if the same applied to the soda pool. a constant supply of dissolved carbon dioxide.

  12. Refrescante imagenes las que nos muestras. Buenas capturas.
    Un abrazo

  13. It's really not 7 up is it? Anyway that's a very good advertising gimmick. Neat shots.

  14. Hi.:D

    It's the first time I've heard of this. Cool! I wonder if the pool feels sticky being 7 up and all.

    Have a nice day.:D

  15. Coolness! I'd like to take a dip there soon. :)

  16. I like this one. ang lakas ng agos ng tubig dito eh. what's nice about this is that the water from the mountains kept on flowing into the pool, replacing the water. so it's guaranteed clean.

    We didn't swim here though. nagpa-picture lang.

  17. the water looks so refreshing..i feel like diving into it..

    very unique and innovative!

    cheers to the brain behind this..

  18. Hahaha 7 up or sprite spa is cheaper. I heard of wine spa. I wondered if they really helps.

  19. i remember that...i took a splash swam about 5 minutes then hurriedly left going to the ardent :P

  20. ang ganda ng gumamela ayus yan gawing palobo! hahaha!

  21. this is what makes camguin a great destination. it gives you more than a dozen reason why you should go there. hot spring, cold spring, youll find them in camiguin.

  22. summer and spring in one post?



  23. ahhh! summer na kuya!
    sarap magswim jan! hehehe

    ingats palagi=p

  24. Well that is quite different, or as we say here in the US South sometimes: "Well, don't that just beat all?"

  25. Well that is quite different, or as we say here in the US South sometimes: "Well, don't that just beat all?"

  26. love your flower shots. sayang di ko natikman ang tubig sa resort na 'to.:D

    i think the spring i visited was ardent. and no, the water there didn't taste like mountain dew.:D

  27. @ luke wiley - i would probably take thousands lol. but these are not real 7-ups but a simulated "feeling" of swimming in that clear soda.

    @ unclewang - it is all natural. the bubbles come from the crack in the pool.

    @ tricia - thanks you.

    @ everlito - di ko nakita eh, baka nabundat sa kakainom lol.

    @ redlan - hmmm. umiihi ka ba sa pool? lol

    @ sidney - i tried googling it but the best explanation i got is that the sweet smell is derived from the ver rich flora of the mountains and the carbonated effect comes from the cracks of what was once active volcanoes.

  28. @ borneo falcon - go ahead. i can't resist doing the same when i was there and oh boy, the bubbles just filled my body.

    @ nanaybelen - nay, all natural daw po iyon.

    @ carlotta - totoo, nakakatuwa kasi parang lulutang ka talaga.

    @ christian bryan - go ahed bro. summer is near.

    @ em - they claim this as the only soda pool in Pinas, the dip is refreshing, i just don't know if it has medicinal effect. but definitely a stress buster.

  29. @ george - (patay na naman ako sa spanish lol) - gracias senor.

    @ uma por dia - go ahead lol.

    @ photo cache - nope, not really 7-up but the simulated feeling of swimming in 7-up because of the fizzle and the aroma.

    @ dee - hi :) actually, it isn't really sticky at all but a bit smooth to the skin.

    @ mel - very cool indeed.

  30. @ reena - that's great too. i won't mind just taking pics there. it just the allure of experiencing soda pool that prompted me to take a dip.

    @ aquamarine - they are lucky because it is a natural wonder. i laud coke though for putting up banners lol.

    @ alicesg - wine spa. i like the sound of that.

    @ backpacking philippines - wish i had visited ardent hot spring but unfortumately time did not permit us.

    @ mang badoy - naalala ko nung bata pa ko madalas din kami magpalobo gamit tangkay ng papaya. lol.

  31. @ the dong - korek ka jan bro kaya babalik talaga ako doon.

    @ kris jasper - did i say i fall? so winter na lang kulang lol.

    @ my-so-called-quest - uy doc, musta pag-aaral. summer na nga.

    @ alan - can't beat the feeling lol.

    @ luna miranda - lol, teka yung ardent ba eh cold o hot spring? di ko kasi napuntahan yun eh. next time.

  32. Haha naloko kami sa lugar na in tinikman namin ng ilang beses yung tubig para mamake sure na totoo sya..
    Eto yung totoong reason bakit tinawag syang : Soda swimming pool

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