Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ruins of Old Volcano in Camiguin

Camiguin was said to be an island born from fire. It is surrounded by seven volcanoes, the most famous of which is Mt. Hibok-Hibok which rises to 1, 250m above sea level. Camiguin is considered an island paradise because it is surrounded by natural wonders like hot and cold springs, waterfalls, and volcanic landscapes. In fact, some of its main tourist draw were result of a disastrous volcanic eruption that devastated the island in the 1870s. Among those spots featured in this post are the Sunken Cemetary, the Ruins of Church Guiob and the Walkway to the Old Volcano.

Sunken Cemetary is located in Bonbon, Catarman ans is marked by a huge cross to commemorate the community cemetery that sunk during the 1871 volcanic holocaust. During earlier years, gravestones were visible during low tide and today, it is an interesting diving site.

Just few minutes walk from the Sunken Cemetery are the remains of an Old Spanish church, ruins of adobe walls, belfry and convent collectively known as Guiob Ruins. These are mute witnesses to the wrath of nature and it also allows tourists a glimpse into the culture of Spanish-era Camiguin.

Another worthy place to visit while in that area is the Walkway to the Old Volcano. This place is busiest during the holy week because of the Station of the Cross installed in it. Reaching the top most part will reward trekkers with a beautiful panoramic view of the island.

Here are some shots I have taken of these three places in Camiguin:

Cross Marker of Sunken Cemetery

Thick Walls of Guiob Church Ruins

Light Passing Through the Ruins

The Ruins of Guiob Bellfry

A Modest Chapel Built Inside the Ruins

Walkway of the Old Volcano

Wind Chime Made up of Shells in Camiguin


  1. I'm an atheist, but for some strange reason, I'm drawn to church ruins.

    Nice shots by the way! :-)

  2. i enjoyed the ruins too. but i felt like the chapel they built inside was unnecessary. parang nasira yung "old-feel" appeal niya eh....maybe the construction of that chapel didn't ask permission from the heritage conservationists. :)

    where was that walkway? i don't remember ever going there?

  3. i used up to 6 rolls of film in Camiguin, but they're not as picturesque as your shots. loved these ruins, the sunken cemetery & cross marker...they're almost mythic.

  4. ganda nung shot sa hagdan!Guiob Bellfry

  5. talagang may lubog na cemetery?? strange!! pero naakaktakot naman ata kung ang tirahan mo ay surrounded by.. ilan ulit? 7 volcanoes??? gosh! well i can say naman na kahit ganun ay may naitatago pa din tong ganda!

  6. Parang nakakatakot naman mag snorkle doon sa Sunken Cemetary kasi baka biglang may multo doon hahaha. Ayos talaga mga kuha mo bro.

  7. ay meron ako nung ganyang wind chime! perfect! haha :)

  8. You always give such exceptional tours in your posts of these beautiful places & fantastic photos to go along!

  9. I feel the cool winds passing by my face while visiting the old ruins, the church is nice and serene, i think of it as the solemnity life has to offer to God.

  10. astig ruins. hindi ko to alam kasi wala namang nagbablog nito. it's my first time to see it. galing ng mga kuha.

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  12. This place is very unique. Like it

  13. So beautiful. Very enchanting.

  14. I totally agree with reena, I also didn't like the sight of the chapel that they've built, it's like a strange mushroom that just sprouted there and it just doesn't belong.

    It was raining when we went to these places. What I like about Camiguin is that a day is enough to tour the whole island, then the next day you can just relax at the hot spring.

  15. wow kewl.

    makakapunta rin akong camiguin. sana.

    nakakaasar lang kasi when i was asked by my friend in davao who is also a traveler on where i want to go to next and i said camiguin, he said siargao's beaches are much better than camiguin. so parang nawalan naman ako ng excitement. pero iniisip ko nalang they are different. so pupunta pa rin akong camiguin..

  16. Totoo Oman, Camiguin is the enchanting. Dami places din to discover. I'm planning to go there again. The last time i went there was last 90's where blogging and digital camera was not yet a fad nor materialized. hehehe. babalik ako dun for sure tapos iba-blog ko. Nice trips again bro!

  17. Mas maganda sana kung wala yung chapel na bago para ruin na ruin talaga atmosphere. Kailan kaya ako makakarating dyan.

  18. di ba nakakadiri mag-dive sa cemetery? i mean, yak!

    ang ganda nung ruins. Seems to tell a very interesting story.

  19. Alam mo kung ano ang napupuna ko sa inyong dalawa ni donG? donG'take is technical. Pang commercial ads ika nga. Sayo naman may kasamang "dramatic effect". Bagay pang front page cover sa "pocket books".

  20. Now I want to go there...
    I like the top picture!

  21. I feel scared just watching your fotos. Nice shots, looks so real.

    Those dead bodies under water.... after they were drowned under water, is that what you call double dead?

  22. hi dancing atty, and future singing atty...aabangan namin yung pagkanta mo ha. :)

    email me nlng when you have questions with regards to your house for free tips. hehe

  23. ayan na ang sunken cemetery. ganda ng mga kuha mo lawstude

  24. I like the last pic the best. Gawa ba sa Camiguin yan?

  25. I like the sunken cemetery...

  26. Kuya Lawstude, nag-swim ka ba dyan sa Sunken Cemetery? :) Naalala ko si Dawn Zulueta dyan. Kasi may movie siya before na dyan kinunan diba?

  27. @ andy briones - maganda kasi eh. if u like ruins you could also go to ayutthaya ang ganda din doon or doon sa cambodia based sa photos ni ferdz.

    @ reena - medyo awkward nga yung pagkakapwesto ng bagong chapel. nakakasira ng ambiance.

    @ luna miranda - takes a lot of practice and luck really. next on my wish list is an underwater cam so i can take pictures underneath the sea.

    @ everlito - balak ko pa naman ipaalis yung hagdan hehehe. ok rin pala.

    @ cyndirellaz - i also keep on wondering how thier loved ones visit the departed. nag snorkle or scuba kaya sila doon?

  28. @ vinzent - oo nga ano? baka bigla may sumulpot lol. tsaka isipin mo na lang kung may agnas na laman doon hehehe. pero bro matagal na panahon naman na yun eh kaya safe na siguro doon sa health.

    @ vanny - uy buti ka pa hehehe.

    @ tricia - thanks you. i am just happy sharing these to all of you.

    @ sheng - i agree. just think about all the traditions and cultures that have passed and how these ruins have been witness to the times... makes me really amazed.

    @ the dong - salamat bro. next time na pagbalik ko doon sana sama tayo para mas marami mapuntahan lol.

  29. @ borneo falcon - thanks.

    @ louise - i agree. the place is rich in history.

    @ basti - it was just a sidetrip from cdo so we really did not have the luxury of time but then again, it gave us enough reason to go back gain there. i agree too on your observation on the new chapel.

    @ the islander - sabi nga ni ferdz, same, same but different kaya punta ka na doon. sana may mag-invite sa siargao lol.

    @ oman - sige, sige, plan mo tapos sama-sama tayo mga bloggers. saya tyak noon.

  30. @ olan - ooops, correction, its olan not oman. (ako yun eh lol)

    @ vanessa - that's right. punta ka na, di ka magsisisi.

    @ allen yuarata - di naman siguro kasi wala naman mga fresh na bangkay doon eh. the eruption happened two centuries ago pa.

    @ blogusvox - uy salamat. paging gilda olvidado and sidney sheldon.

    @ sidney - i bet you will have time of your life there.

  31. @ kris jasper - lol. double dead nga siguro. thanks for dropping by.

    @ reena - hi. thanks also and wait for my email. :)

    @ redlan - salamat bro.

    @ tina - i think so although marami din ganyan sa boracay ng magpunta ako doon.

    @ twin - thanks for liking it. i would have explored it further kung meron ako underwater cam.

    @ mel - di eh. hanggang shore lang kami. i am not sure about dawn kasi ang natatandaan ko pag camiguin ay si gelli de belen.

  32. uhm i wouldnt dare taking a dip or even go snorkeling in that area..sunken imagination is swimming with the ghost thank you...but astig ung shots me....but still wanna visit the place though..the views fascinates me ahihii...

  33. The pics are wonderful and the famous sunken semetery in Camiguin is a place of interest for every visitors no matter how they say that is scary to go diving there.

    'Link your blog already.

  34. I have been here.. so much history of the place from the volcanic eruption to sunken cemetery and now the volcano is sleeping and is made to be a walkway of station of the cross